A NEW eye-catching exhibit at the North West Museum of Transport has been pretty hard to miss for passers-by.

The gigantic vehicle is a 1914 American-La-France and has been catching the attention of people walking past in recent weeks.

Originally, it was a fire engine from Chekika, in Tennesse since 1915 and was stationed at Liberty House fire station in California.

Additionally, the Eagle on the radiator cap is believed to be from a German World War Two Staff car and the petrol tank is fitted right behind the driver bench seat and in front of the rear single seat.

It had been left to deteriorate in USA until 1990 when restoration on the vehicle was commenced by a German citizen, Wolfgang Gower who originally came from Guernsey.

However, it remained unfinished until the car arrived in the UK and was restored to its impressive state by current owner Mr JC Bentley, of Rainhill. He remained in touch with Mr Gower until he died.

Geoff Sandford, of the Transport Museum said: “It arrived a few weeks ago and is causing a lot of interest from passers-by as it is so big, about the Size of two Range Rovers. And the wheels are as big as a bus or lorry!”

It is now the museum’s oldest exhibit and the first vehicle that the museum has had from the USA.

The monstrous car can be seen at weekends from 12pm to 4pm during the museum’s opening hours.