A TEAM of toddlers joined forces to help raise money for a children’s hospice which cared for a former member of their nursery who died in 2012.

Olivia Dolan was aged two when she died from a rare genetic disorder Infantile Sandhoff disease.

It is a condition that gradually destroys brain cells and nerves.

She attended the Small Wonders nursery in Haydock and a number of events have been held in her memory to raise cash for Claire House on the Wirral.

Toddlers taking part walked and those too young were pushed in prams around the nursery block.

Olivia’s family, from Haydock, intend to raise at least £6,500 for the hospice by April 17, 2015, which would have been Olivia’s fifth birthday.

Meanwhile, last Saturday (July 26) staff from both Small Wonders nurseries in Thatto Heath and Haydock took part in a sponsored walk from St Helens to Warrington.

Deputy manager Sarah Stout said: “After the toddle it was our turn so we did the walk and together we raised more than £1,000.”

Olivia’s dad Ian from Haydock said of his daughter: “To say she was inspirational is an understatement. She showed us how much strength she had as a little girl to combat all that was thrown at her. We treasured every moment we had with Olivia. She opened our eyes to the important things in life and we can truly say that as a family we are different people for knowing her. It was a blessing having her in our lives if only for a short time.

“Claire House is the local hospice for children like Olivia with life-limiting illnesses. It is our aim over the next 12 months to raise £6,500 which will cover the running costs for one day, that day being Olivia's 5th birthday on April 17 2015. We as a family spent time at Claire House during Olivia's short life and the work they do is nothing short of amazing.”

For further information about Claire House and how Olivia’s family plan to raise funds visit claire-house.org.uk/pay-for-day.