YOUNG people at Abbeyford children’s home have benefitted from the generosity of a local charity.

The Helen Marie children’s charity has made a £1,500 donation to the home, with a cheque being presented on Friday, July 4.

And the children have already made a wishlist of what they would like to spend the money on with new iPads and PlayStation 4 consoles set to be making their way to the home.

The Helen Marie charity was set up in 1985 following the tragic death of 12-year-old Helen Marie Hurst due to terminal illness.

The fund intends to commemorate the spirit of Helen Marie whose greatest love was to help others less fortunate than herself.

Ever since her parents, family and friends have worked relentlessly to help children across the borough.

“The children have made a list of what they would like to buy and we’ll look at purchasing them soon,” said Paul Spencer, manager of Abbeyford children’s home.