JOHNNY Vegas has been made an Honorary Doctor of Literature by Edge Hill University.

Addressing fellow graduates he said: “You as teachers are more important than ever. Education should be available to all rather than a luxury, and the responsibility falls on you to inspire the people you teach, especially those who may see college or university as unavailable to them, to pursue it. Education is what determines us as a society and a civilization. You will make a difference to so many people’s lives. You are the lifeblood and we need your skills - take them and share them for the benefit of all of us.”

He told about a lack of confidence in his early years recalling two teachers who along with his parents, helped him achieve his ambitions and instill a sense of belief.

He said: “The hardest thing I ever did was write a book (his recently published memoir, Becoming Johnny Vegas). Outside of my son and loved ones, it is one of my proudest achievements and I honestly can’t tell you what it means to now have an Honorary Doctorate in Literature. I’d love to thank Edge Hill for having confidence in me and inviting me along today. I’ll have to visit my old English teacher to show her the award – it pretty much belongs to her!”