A FORMER soldier, who has been registered blind since suffering a stroke in 2009, is seeking volunteers to raise awareness of the local branch of Guide Dogs Association.

Bernie Meehan, 61, who spent 42 years in the armed forces, is the local branch co-ordinator.

He said: “I went to bed one Friday night, woke up on Saturday and couldn’t see. I have some sight in my right eye and can see shapes, but I’m totally blind in my left eye.

“At the moment, we are a small group who hold meetings in St Helens on the first Wednesday of each month.

“We are always on the lookout for new volunteers and guide dog owners to join us to enable us to do more in support of the association.”

Bernie, from Haresfinch, was given guide dog Byron after being registered blind in 2011.

He wants to find a way to give something back to Guide Dogs to thank them for changing his life and to regain his independence.

He added: “As Guide Dogs is solely funded by charity donations being a volunteer collector was the obvious choice.

“As a recently formed branch, we are always looking for events we could attend, as well as stores and supermarkets that would allow us to hold a collection.”

  • Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer, or can help promote the work of the association, can call the Guide Dogs mobility team on 0845 372 7420, or email LiverpoolSupport Workers@guidedogs.org.uk.