A SCHOOL situated almost in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro is set to reap the rewards of the lasting impression pupils and staff left on a St Helens student.

Jade Maguire, currently studying childcare at St Helens, went over to Tanzania in 2012 with a group from Byrchall High School.

“Part of my journey in Tanzania was visiting a school in Arusha, where the children had the bare minimum in facilities and educational equipment, and it made me realise how much we in the UK take for granted,” Jade told the Star.

She has kept in contact with a friend in Tanzania and, after hearing materials were still in short supply, she persuaded her father Tony to help their plight.

Kind-hearted Tony, boss of A Star Recruitment, in Claughton Street, ordered school equipment to send over to Arusha.

“We are sending over pens, pencils, desk pads, calculators and exercise books,” said a delighted Jade.