TAKE a pinch of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and a helping of a famed Manchester superclub and you have the ingredients of a show to appeal to all.

The show, based on the story of the iconic Hacienda club in Manchester, is premiering at 7pm in St Helens on at the Central Library.

The Hacienda Tales invites its audience to eavesdrop on the conversations between strangers as they first meet on their way to the club.

Pardsy, a drug-dealing small-time criminal, awaits the arrival of his prey at a motorway service station and is greeted by Hacienda veteran Paul; newly-wed first-timer Julie; her friend and closet drug addict Claire; and naïve student Edward. As the night winds on and tempers flare, the truths come tumbling out, illustrating the lengths people will go to in order to conceal aspects of the personality in favour of projecting an entirely different image of themselves.

Written by Exeter University graduate Sophie Tickle and Philip Stuchberry, alumni of Manchester Metropolitan University, The Hacienda Tales takes its inspiration from Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, transporting its characters to the Manchester scene of 1991. The Hacienda inspired and excited the previously disenchanted youth of the 1980s.

Councillor Andy Bowden Cabinet Member for Public Health & Wellbeing said: “It’s great to see a company from St Helens premiering a show in their hometown before taking it to Edinburgh. It's good to see our libraries being used as cultural venues for performance particularly when that performance is helping an emerging company from the borough to develop.

Tickets for Thursday’s show are free, but must be reserved by calling 07834529246.