FITNESS classmates have set themselves a testing challenge having signed-up for a long distance Pennine run to raise funds for the Teenage and Young Adult Unit at The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre.

PW Progression instructor 36 year-old Steve Whittle from St Helens has organised the run on Sunday, June 21 in gratitude for the amazing care his mum received as a patient at Clatterbridge.

Steve said: “Class members, colleagues, and family have all been affected by cancer. My mum Emma Jean was diagnosed with breast cancer 13 years ago and received fantastic care at Clatterbridge, so fundraising to help treat this terrible disease is not only something we want to do, but we need to do. Thankfully my mum has been given the all clear.

“As a father, it breaks my heart to see young cancer patients going through such a hard time, so we're fundraising to benefit the Teenage and Young Adult Unit at the centre to help make time in hospital as comfortable as possible.

“We have competed in quite a few events over the years, but this one will be the most testing. We’ve never tried anything like this before and it will be tough.”

Clatterbridge fundraising manager Rachel Donohoe said: “Steve and the rest of the team have a huge challenge ahead of them. We all know someone touched by cancer and in this region they will have mostly been treated by our expert staff.

“The money they raise will help us to continue to provide the very best possible care for our Teenage and Young Adult patients, sustaining vital research, and providing life changing support services that, without the charity, might otherwise be unavailable.”

The team already has the backing of John Boland of Elite Industrial Supplies but is inviting other sponsors. If you would like to support the runners call the fundraising team on 0151 482 7948.