Tuesday evening's thunderstorm brought some unusual mid-summer sights.

One of our readers emailed us an almost seaside scene from Langtree Park seeking refuge in the foyer along with sheltering shoppers at Tesco where the car park took on the appearance of a boating lake after torrential rain.

St Helens Star: Wintry scene at Earlestown.

  • Wintry scene at Earlestown

In Earlestown Jessica Fox captured an almost Christmas-like market place after a hailstorm left its icy mark.

In Newton-le-Willows Jonathan Fernley was busy filming the storm clouds and when the hailstones fell he gathered up the balls of ice which measured 2-3 cms in diameter.

St Helens Star: Hailstones up to 3cm in diameter fell at Newton.

  • Hailstones up to 3cm in diameter fell at Newton