SESSIONS on how to reduce food waste and improve cookery skills will be among activities at this year’s Rainford Summer Festival.

North West Waste Consultants, based in the village, are teaming up with organisers to offer ‘Can Cook Pop Up Studio’ sessions.

It is part of the company’s support of the Love Food Hate Waste campaign which raises awareness of the need to reduce food waste through practical everyday actions.

Chefs will teach families how to cook a healthy meal from scratch, share skills and discuss how to reduce food waste.

At the end of each demonstration, participants get to take their meal away along with a recipe card which includes tips and recipes.

Rainford High principal, Ian Young said: “This campaign is about making a difference at home by looking after the environment but also about eating a healthier diet.”

The festival will be at the school on Saturday, July 12 and attractions include live bands, an international food court, artisan market, and lots more.

To get involved contact the Festival Team 01744 885914 or email