A SAFETY campaign which aims to raise awareness of the perils of stepping on newly electrified track across St Helens is targeting the town’s youngsters.

The huge investment in the region’s network aims to make journeys faster, smoother and more reliable, but it also means tracks will be powered by thousands of deadly volts.

Now Network Rail is working with St Helens College, education specialists PDF Sports and Saints Community Foundation to ensure that students know the potentially fatal results of acting irresponsibly around train lines.

Janet Clark, community safety manager for Network Rail, was present at the opening to educate pupils on the safest way to approach the tracks.

She said: “You should only ever cross the railway at a level crossing and always follow the safety signs and warnings. Partnerships with schools and other community organisations are an important way to raise awareness and help to make the railway a safer place.”

Myths which cause young people to trespass on to train tracks are being discouraged through a teaching strategy approved by Ofsted.

Students in schools and colleges will be taught about the dangers through tutorials, videos and the storytelling of real life accounts.

For more information visit networkrail.co.uk/safety-education.