JON Wilkin has thrown his weight behind ‘Tackle Your Memory’ – a new campaign highlighting free NHS services for people concerned about memory problems.

The Saints player visited the Later Life and Memory Services’ Beckett Day Unit at Hollins Park Hospital in Winwick to meet the nursing staff and said the cause was close to his heart after a family member was diagnosed with dementia.

Jon, who was representing the Super League Players’ Association, League 13, added: “We know first-hand exactly how devastating an illness it can be.

“The key to dealing with memory problems is to talk about them.

“Having met the team I can say with confidence that help is at hand; you don’t need to face memory problems alone.”

Signs someone may have a memory problem include struggling to recall recent events but easily remembering things from a long time ago, repeating yourself or losing your ‘train of thought’ and regularly forgetting names of friends or everyday objects.

“Not every memory problem is linked with dementia,” says the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust’s Dr Suzanne Kennedy.

“Some can be linked to stress, anxiety or depression, physical illness or even the side-effects of medication.”