IT looks like something from the set of the sci-fi movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

But in fact this is Dream as you have never seen her before, in the hands of three talented artists who use light to create stunning photographs.

The talented trio are Neal Moran, Chris Conway and Neil Isherwood.

Neal, 36 from Dentons Green runs a graphic design company called Lemonshed. He explained how they achieved the spectacular effects: “Light painting is quite common and can be achieved in various ways.

“We created the effect with the battery powered multi-colour LED wands we built which are up to a metre long.”

He said that all three who met through St Helens Camera Club have recently discovered the technique through the website Flickr.

Neal added: “We chose Dream because it’s in a dark, quiet location which is vital to allow the camera shutter to remain open long enough for us to run around like idiots with the light wands.

“Another reason for using Dream is the fact that it’s a great local subject matter and photographs need a point of interest.

“Before we arrived at Dream Chris had this idea in his head to create several figures dotted around.

“With me as a model while the camera shutter remained open we walked around and created one figure at a time running the wand from the floor up to create the ‘light curtain’.

“My Vivid Dream was a bit simpler again with the shutter left open and Dream lit with a powerful torch.

“From the left of the camera I walked in a snake like way holding the wand towards Dream then repeated it on the other side. However the symmetry wasn’t right so I used Photoshop to reflect the left side.

“The Ruff by Neil Isherwood was done again by lighting Dream for around a minute with the shutter open.

“Neil stood behind the sculpture with a LED wand and walked either side moving it up and down.”

You can see more of their pictures on their Flickr pages at – –