A MAN was so drunk on the night he damaged 19 cars during a rampage of vandalism, he could not recall his mindless crimes.

Adam Polding, 21, kicked wing mirrors off parked vehicles and scratched cars in Thatto Heath after flying into a rage – but despite causing the extensive damage he was spared jail by magistrates.

Polding, from Emily Street, in Thatto Heath admitted 19 counts of criminal damage and two of attempted criminal damage following the destructive spree on Saturday, October 27 last year.

He had been boozing with friends earlier that day in North Wales and St Helens Magistrates’ Court heard that he suffered a blackout of the alcohol-fuelled crime.

That night neighbours phoned police after hearing Polding, who is unemployed, targeting cars in Nutgrove Road, Nutgrove Hall Drive and Gertrude Street, Thatto Heath.

Prosecuting, Michael Caine, said: “Police officers asked him about the matters in question and, in essence, he was too drunk to remember what had happened.”

Polding was later picked out on an identification parade and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity to 19 offences of criminal damage and two of attempted criminal damage.

Graham Simpson, defending, pointed out that Polding had not been alone that night but was the only one facing charges.

He told the court: “He had far too much to drink than was good for him. Something caused him to start acting totally in the wrong way.

“There had potentially been arguments with girlfriends.”

Mr Simpson said his client was “immature” but said he had not had “the easiest of lives”.

He added: “His father died when he was 13. He has had lots of problems – including hanging around with the wrong people.

“He is in a difficult situation because he is living on an almost self-imposed curfew (because of fears) people living round there will give him a smack.”

Magistrates sentenced Polding to a six-week suspended prison sentence and placed him under supervision for 12 months. He will also be under a curfew from 7pm to 7am.

The court heard there was difficulty establishing the cost of damage because there was so many victims.

He was ordered to pay £858 in compensation, with a small sum being deducted each week from his benefits until he has paid off the total.