WOMEN are being urged to bring along the men in their lives to a series of free health checks which are being run across St Helens.

Public health leaders believe it is notoriously difficult to get some men to GPs or pharmacies because so many shy away from health issues.

So they are appealing to women to encourage men – whether it be their husbands, boyfriends, dads, sons or brothers – to visit clinics which are being held in the community.

The NHS Health Improvement Team is offering free health checks for men over the age of 18.

Statistically, men have a higher risk of developing certain health problems, such as cardiovascular disease, while two thirds are defined as overweight or obese.

They also have a shorter life expectancy than women.

Men are also more likely to drink excessive amounts of alcohol and smoke.

Male suicide rates are also higher than women’s.

The checks will examine cholesterol, blood pressure, heart rates and weight.

A NHS Health Improvement Team spokeswoman said: “The GO checks are carried out by our team of friendly health professionals, and are completely confidential.

“You can discuss any health concerns you may have, and you don’t even need to remove any clothes.”

The GO Men’s Health team holds sessions in St Helens at the following locations: l Tuesday: Thatto Heath Library, Thatto Health Road.

l Friday: Bold Miners Neighbourhood Centre, Fleet Lane, Parr.

To set up a free health check appointment contact 0300 300 0103 (landline charge) to find out more or visit healthimprovementteam.