A MOTHER has issued a warning to parents after her baby son became the second child in the space of a fortnight to be inadvertently taken during a carjacking.

Louise Waine was speaking after her seven-week-old baby, Leo, was found on the back seat of a Subaru Impreza on Main Street, Billinge.

The car had been stolen 15 minutes earlier in Orrell, after Leo’s father Tom Moulsdale was stood outside while the engine was running.

The Star reported on the incident last month with an appeal that showed CCTV footage of the offender ditching the car outside the Billinge Arms.

This week, Louise, 24, warned: "I would tell people to definitely not leave a baby in your car, just look what could happen. Thankfully we are so lucky that he has been found and he is safe and well.

"Although I am glad that the offender did call the police saying the car was abandoned and in the car park I am still fuming he can't go around stealing peoples things he could have killed my baby.

"I can't believe somebody would do something like this. I just want him to come forward - he must have a conscience.”

The theft happened a fortnight after four-month-old Archy Brown was on the back seat of a car snatched in Stour Avenue, Rainhill.

On that occasion it is believed the crook lured the mother, Lisa Binks, 39, out of the car by leaving a barricade of bins across the road as a trap.

Both mothers have warned that the reckless driving of the thieves could have ended in the death of their babies.

Louise added: "When I got the phone call I just froze I couldn't take it all in and couldn't get my words out.

"At first I thought he was joking because the previous day we were talking about a lady who had had her car stolen with her baby in and I even said how awful and I couldn't imagine ever been in that position.

"He screamed down the phone 'the car has been stolen and Leo is in the back'.

She added: "I just told my friend to drive. I didn't know where or in which direction it was all a blur. We just set off frantic and looking around for the car.

"My head was just spinning I just wanted my baby back it was cold and dark and icy and I thought that I may never see him again.

"It was my friend Rosie who found him who had been overtaken by the car. She called me saying that she had found the car and it was abandoned in the pub car park “She told me straight away that Leo was safe and asleep.

"I just ran over to the car without my shoes and took him out of the seat and cuddled him.

"I didn't want to let go of Leo I held him in my arms all night and cuddled him and gave him lots of kisses I didn't want to let him out of my sight.”

The two thefts are not believed to be connected.