THREE police officers have been praised for rescuing a man who suffered a compound leg fracture and hypothermia after falling on the East Lancs Road during Friday night's snow storm.

Off duty police officer, Constable Alex Kean, was driving home towards St Helens when he spotted a man lying in the snow on the central reservation, near to the Gamebird public house.

The 57-year-old had victim had fallen and suffered a horrific leg break. It is believed he had been lying in the snow for up to half an hour.

Constable Kean, who has been with the force for three years, stopped to help the man shortly before midnight.

Two other cars also pulled over and the drivers helped Constable Kean carry the man to the pavement before leaving.

Constable Kean then called an ambulance and colleagues in Knowsley for help.

He covered the injured man with a blanket and towels he had in his car as part of an emergency kit.

A short while later two of his colleagues, Constable Kate Lamb, 40, and Constable Paul Ford, 43, arrived to help.

As they waited in the heavy snow, the officers realised that the man was at risk of hypothermia and took off their coats.

They then took it in turn to lie with him and provide body heat until the ambulance arrived an hour later.

The 57-year-old injured man, who lives nearby, was taken to Fazakerley Hospital, where he is being treated.

Merseyside Police Chief Constable Jon Murphy, said: "These three officers are a credit to the force. The weather conditions on Friday night were appalling and their quick-thinking and selfless actions probably saved this man's life.

“This man could have been camouflaged very quickly by the heavy snowfall and it could have been much more serious if the off-duty officer hadn't spotted him.

"I am proud of my officers and staff, who provide a first class service every day, and the actions of these officers are testimony to the service we provide."