ANDY Reid has never been a man to let his injuries get in the way of him doing something - and that is exactly the approach he is taking to fatherhood.

The 36-year-old former soldier and his wife Claire are settling into life as new parents following the birth of William in November.

And despite the disability Andy lives with following the life-changing bomb blast in Afghanistan more than three years ago, there is no sign of him shirking any fatherly responsibilities.

In fact Claire says his tender ways with baby William show he is a “natural”.

Andy’s approach since surviving the explosion in which he lost his lower legs and right arm has always been “to find a way”.

Whether it be walking, driving, cooking or doing household chores, he has never held back from throwing himself into day-to-day life – nor prevented him from remarkable feats such as skydiving or running the St Helens 10K.

It is the same mentality that he is using on the learning curve of being a parent.

Andy told the Star: “It’s hard work but I’m really enjoying it. Having children is something we had had spoken about for a long time.

“I thought ‘I can’t offer some things like running around quickly and throwing him up in the air and catching him’ – so that is why I worked so hard on the (running) blades and why I’ve been out practising on my bike.

“I’m really made up we have got him. It’s the next step after getting married.

“I practised with a doll on how to change nappies – but in real life it’s a bit different when you have legs wriggling around everywhere.

“I was hoping to use my new prosthetic arm but have been advised not to in case it was to malfunction.

“So it might take me a little longer to do something but I think to myself ‘how am I going to do this?’ There’s always a way - you have to think outside the box.”

Claire, 31, added: “He shows me up - he’s amazing and has completely adapted to fatherhood. We thought he might have trouble doing things like changing nappies – but he’s better than me.

“They have a really strong bond and William just idolises him.”