HEAVY snow bursts are forecast for tomorrow afternoon and it is possible there will be a downfall of between 4cm and 7cm, St Helens Council said tonight.

The local authority has been advised there will experience light snow showers this evening (Thursday) through to about 7am tomorrow morning.

The heavier snow bursts are then expected on Friday afternoon, when the snow will become more persistent, through to about 9pm that evening.

In a statement St Helens Council said: “Gritters will be out from 6.30pm this evening to ensure that access routes are clear, as per our Winter Plan.

“The forecast is that the area will remain cold and that there is a risk of further snow on Monday evening.

“As the cold weather sets in, please check on your neighbours, particularly the elderly and disabled, and see if there is anything you can do for them.

“Just five minutes could make all the difference to them.”

The St Helens Cold Weather Emergency Helpline has been set up to assist people through the winter months.

Anyone who either snowed in, needs help keeping warm or who would like a winter survival pack can call freephone 08000 355 878.