A 31-YEAR-old man has been given a suspended jail sentence after ten cannabis plants were discovered growing in his loft.

Lee William Hewitt was sentenced to 18 weeks, suspended for 18 months, following a police search of a property on Colne Drive, Sutton in November.

In a hearing at St Helens Magistrates’ Court, prosecutor Ali Sarwar explained: “There was no one in at the time officers searched the property.

“After a search of the loft, the constable found two long trays with soil in. In the trays were plants of a green colour, which were identified as cannabis. There was also cultivating equipment, a plastic bottle full of water, compost and black plastic plant pots.

“In the loft space there were two air extractor tubes. It was amateurish and the plants were not in good condition.

“As the officers were leaving the defendant arrived and identified himself as the occupier. He was arrested for the cultivation of cannabis. Under police interview, Hewitt said he smoked the drug daily, spending £30 to £40.

“He set up this system as he was sick and tired of having to buy cannabis. He also gave information on where he bought the plant seeds.”

When asked about the repercussion for himself and his family, Hewitt said that he “didn’t think”.

He was placed under a supervision order for 12 months and must take part in a Thinking Skills Programme.