ST HELENS families who have lost a loved one to murder or manslaughter are being invited to attend a special Christmas remembrance service in Liverpool.

The group Support After Murder and Manslaughter Merseyside has arranged the event for tomorrow at 7.30pm in the Metropolitan Cathedral.

Jon Sandwell, the partner of Marie McCourt, whose daughter Helen was murdered in 1988, said: “Families who have lost a loved one through an act of violence find this is probably the most difficult time of the year to face after the actual anniversary of the death of their parent, child or other relation.”

Loved ones’ names will be read out before candles are lit in their memory. There will also be a quiet period of remembrance.

Mr Sandwell added: “SAMM Merseyside recognises the importance that this evening means to so many people as it may be just a few months or many years since they suffered this personal trauma.

“To be able to come together with others who have suffered a similar tragedy can be very supportive and help to know they are not alone.”

Families are invited to take along a photo of their loved one to place on the steps of the high altar.

For further information contact SAMM Merseyside on 0151 207 6767.

The non-denominational service will be led by Archbishop of Liverpool, Patrick Kelly, Bishop Tom Williams and Reverend Steve Williams.