SAINTS captain Paul Wellens and a squad of superfit school children helped break a marathon world record for charity.

Year eight students from Cowley Language College rose to the challenge, with 35 each running 200 metres consecutively until they covered the distance of a marathon.

They completed the challenge in two hours three minutes 36 seconds, only two seconds under Patrick Mackau’s world record time.

For the last 100 laps each student was accompanied by Paul Wellens, Jonny Lomax or James Tilly from Saints or one of the teachers.

The last lap was lead out by Paul and Jonny, with the rest of the runners trailing behind. Pupil Callum Cooke recorded the fastest lap, almost beating the Saints skipper Paul Wellens.

With money still coming in, the pupils expect to raise more than £500 for Save the Children and the charity Joining Jack.