MORE than two thirds of people who responded to an online Star poll say they do not plan on voting in today’s Merseyside Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Sixty nine per cent said they do not intend to go to the polls, underlining fears there will be a low turnout.

The election campaign for who will become the commissioner has been markedly low-key in St Helens, where one of six command units makes up the Merseyside force.

Voters will be asked to choose a commissioner for the region.

Commissioners will be tasked with scrutinising their force and holding it to account.

They will also have powers to appoint and dismiss the chief constable and set the force's budget.

They will be paid and the Conservative-led policy is aimed at empowering local people into having a say on how crime is tackled in their communities.

The six candidates are: Geoff Gubb (Conservative), Hilary Jones (UKIP), Paula Keaveney (Liberal Democrat), Jane Kennedy (Labour), Kiron Reid (Independent) and Paul Rimmer (English Democrats).