WE HAD a healthy response to this image published on August 14.

And Coffey Time readers have correctly identified the landmark as the former Notre Dame school on North Road.

Frank Owen, of Eccleston, was among those to pen a few words. He wrote: “This taken from the front of Lowe House church.

“I attended Notre Dame until moving on to West Park grammar when I was seven years old, in 1952. I remember most of us being scared at Notre Dame of Sister Loretta but I don’t recall why.”

Kevin Heneghan added some more detail.

He said: “On the extreme left on the other North Road/Crab Street corner is Dennett’s shop.”

And for Mary Calland, (nee Ashton), it really stirred the memories. She wrote: “This picture is definitely Notre Dame Convent on the corner of North Road and Crab Street.

“I attended there from 1949-1955 and loved every minute.

“We had some lovely nuns teaching us, one in particular Sr Patricia, who was lovely and then we had Sr Loretta, who wasn’t quite so lovely and was extremely strict and kept us all on our toes.

“I am so grateful to see this picture as I have never, ever seen a photo of the convent and was really upset when it was pulled down. I will always treasure this. Thank you.”

Meanwhile, Jagger the Yicker wrote to me a while ago about a photo I included in my column.

“It is of the old white fronted ‘Stone Row’, just further on than The Huntsman. The tiny cottages had about 14 in the row. If you look more closely, you can see the old fashioned supporting bars strung across the fronts and fixed to a hefty oblong plaque set above the front doors, just, would you believe, to give them more strength.

“I walked past them many a time going to the Haydock Bug. Oh happy days.”

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