AN angel to many and a rock of the support to others, town centre chaplain Marjorie Conroy will be treasured for her devotion to the business people of St Helens.

Marjorie died earlier this month at the age of 72 after a four-year battle with a rare form of ovarian cancer.

When diagnosed in 2010 it was feared the mother-of-four, may have less than a year to live.

However, Marjorie’s courage held strong and her kindness to others, while enduring her own struggles, was among her many endearing qualities.

The ex-card and gift shop owner from Wargrave, who was wife to Bill, had worked in the town centre for eight years.

She was employed by Mission in the Economy, which seeks to give faith a presence in the region’s business sector.

Based at an office in St Helens Parish Church, her role was to listen, support and question.

The Rev Jean Flood, of Mission in the Economy, said: “She was a brilliant chaplain, whose gift was to bring about friendships by connecting people.

“She was like a sister to the other chaplains – and we will miss her dearly.”

Paying tribute, Carole Hudson, St Helens Council’s chief executive, said: “Marjorie had great compassion for people, even while battling her own illnesses.

“She was determined to continue working and supporting local people and businesses, for as long as she could.

“She helped many people cope with periods of trauma, grief and stress. She was a lifeline for many people and her kindness will never be forgotten.”

Last year the Star featured a story of how Marjorie was given the VIP treatment by St Helens charity the HoneyRose Foundation, which delivers wishes to seriously ill people.

The grandmother-of-eleven dreamed of owning a pair of Jimmy Choo designer shoes and so HoneyRose founder Lynn Duffy whisked her off to Selfridges in Manchester to pick out a pair.

And after all the pain and distress Marjorie – who was joined by granddaughter, Jemma, and niece, Elaine – loved her special day.

Lynn described her friend as: “an angel. To me she was the Saint of St Helens. There wasn’t another woman like her.”

Her funeral took place at St Mark’s Church in Haydock, a place Marjorie said had helped her stay strong through her illness.

Donations were made to the HoneyRose.