WHEN it comes to the world of publishing, there aren’t many bigger or more stylish names than Vogue.

So when Carmel College student Mike McCue was offered a three-week internship at Vogue Magazine in London, he saw it as an opportunity of a lifetime.

Mike, from Dentons Green, spent three weeks working in the iconic fashion magazine’s creative art department.

The 20-year-old won through an application process, which involved producing a magazine layout for fashion pages.

The internship saw the former De La Salle pupil designing pages for the magazine and searching archived editions dating back to the sixties to find older pictures that could be reused.

He said: “It was a huge opportunity to develop my skills and knowledge of the industry, and I enjoyed every minute.

“I already had an idea that I wanted to work in publishing when I complete my degree, but working at Vogue for three weeks has confirmed that.”

Mike is in the first year of a degree course in graphic design at Carmel, in conjunction with the University of Salford, where he will finish the degree.